Talk by Chi Kwang Sunim at November Zazenkai


Topic: The Korean Practice of Hwadu (Hua’tou)

In the second of two talks on this very powerful practice developed in China and Korea, we will look into the methods of discovering the critical phrase, confounding the inquiry, cultivating the great doubt and smashing through it. Here one awakens, not through looking for answers, knowledge or techniques, but resting in the phrase and turning the thought inward to the great sensation of not-knowing.

Chi Kwang Sunim, an a Australian born Korean Zen Buddhist nun, began with Therevada Buddhism in the early ’70’s. She then ordained and trained 19 years in South Korean Zen (Seon) monasteries, then came to Victoria in 1998 and founded the Seon Centre.


Place: Melbourne Zen Group dojo, CERES, East Brunswick (venue details).

Date: Saturday, 30 November 2013.

Time: Zazenkai takes place from 9am to 1pm, talk commences at 12pm.


If you are unable to attend all of zazenkai, you are welcome to attend the talk only. Please arrive before the talk commences, wait for the previous sitting round to end, and then enter the dojo quietly and respectfully.


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