The Melbourne Zen Group is based in Brunswick East, Melbourne, Australia. Our meditation meetings, retreats and workshops are open to both members and non-members.

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Saturday Zazenkai

August 26, 9:00am – 1:00pm
Talk by Kirk Fisher (12:00–1:00pm):

Huangpo’s Gobbler’s of Dregs: Case 11 of the Blue Cliff Record
“When can you meet today?” Huangpo asks us. If you walk outside your door, and if you feel like the place you are walking is alive, is a place of practice, you will treat it this way. Your footsteps are more than just useful means for moving around, but are participating in a place of presence, in ceremony, in the sacred.
This sometimes seems to be a generation that has forgotten this essential connection to the whole, to the universe. It is easy to see how separation can occur, when we don’t trust our own lives, and where our private lives are separate from how we show up in our public lives. Essentially, this is the most important issue we face, as humans—alienation. How does it impact on us to be separated from sangha…from our lives, from each other, and from this living world.
This teisho is a chance to look into living in an undivided way. This is also a chance to look at how we show up for practice. How do we interpret Huangpo’s provocative comment: “I didn’t say there is no Zen, only that there is no teacher of Zen.” What then for teachers, students, the collective body of practitioners?

(Those who can’t make it to the sit but would like to attend the talk are most welcome. Please arrive by 11:55am, wait for the previous sitting round to end, and then enter the dojo quietly and respectfully.)


Weekend intensive with Subhana Barzaghi Roshi

The Melbourne Zen Group is pleased to present a weekend of intensive Zen meditation practice with Subhana Barzaghi Roshi,
assisted by Kirk Fisher, Apprentice Teacher in the Diamond Sangha

23-24 September 2017
Reservoir Scout Hall
73-77 Leamington St, Reservoir
9:00am to 4:30pm each day

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