The Melbourne Zen Group is based in Brunswick East, Melbourne, Australia. Our meditation meetings, retreats and workshops are open to both members and non-members.

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Sesshin with Susan Murphy Roshi

14 April to 21 April 2018, Casa Pallotti, Millgrove, Yarra Valley

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Zanzenkai Talk: Social Action
Saturday 24 February, 12 noon

This talk will provide an update of the proposal and opportunity for discussion on developing a group Social Action Practice Format. The format aims to deepen our Buddhist informed individual/group awakeness and social actions in line with Melbourne Zen Group values that ‘support actions to progress peace, social justice, gender equality and environmental sustainability’.

The following questions will be explored – what is the relationship between zazen sitting and individual/group social action? How do we understand the purpose and function of Buddhist individual/group social action? How might a social action practice format enhance other MZG Sangha practice and activities? The concepts of engaged Buddhism, ecodharma and ecoactivism will also be introduced.

Martin Pradel, will lead this talk and discussion. Martin has had a long standing interest in spirituality and social action, and is a social worker/family therapist working in adolescent mental health.

(If you would like to attend this talk but is unable to come to the sit, please aim to arrive five minutes before noon, and enter the Learning Centre when the walking meditation is taking place.)