Weekly Group Meditation

All Melbourne Zen Group activities have been moved online for the duration of Covid 19 restrictions on physical gatherings. This includes our regular weekly group meditation meetings on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings.

If you’re new to to the Melbourne Zen Group, please contact us to arrange an online orientation session with one of our practice facilitators, prior to joining our group online meditation meetings.

Links for our online meetings are sent out in our email updates to group members and to regular non-member sitters.

Group Online Zazen Schedule

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The Melbourne Zen Group meets twice weekly for zazen (sitting meditation).

If you’re new to the Melbourne Zen Group, we recommend that you book in for a free orientation session as part of your visit, to help familiarise yourself with the shared ritual form that supports our group practice.

Group Zazen Times

  • Tuesday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
    • on the third Tuesday of each month, the last half hour of the session is devoted to group Dharma discussion
  • Saturday from 10am to 12pm
    • on the first Saturday of each month, the last half hour of the session is devoted to group Dharma discussion
    • on the last Saturday of each month, sitting is from 9am to 1pm (usually with a talk from 12pm to 1pm)

As a courtesy to other sitters:

  • plan to arrive at the dojo approximately 15 minutes before zazen commences
  • wear dark, un-patterned clothing to minimise distraction


The group also meets twice monthly for longer meditation meetings known as zazenkai.

More about zazenkai


Our suggested donation towards venue costs is $5 ($3 concession) per session, or a weekly contribution of $6 ($4 concession) if you attend two or more sessions a week.


All group meditation is held at our Brunswick East dojo, unless otherwise stated.