Orientation Sessions

Our group practice is grounded in a shared understanding of Zen that includes dojo ritual. and we ask that newcomers attend a free orientation session before meditating with us for the first time.

The orientations include a brief introduction Zen meditation and group ritual, and assistance with sitting posture if needed. All orientations are run by volunteers, and take place for one hour before a group meditation meeting.

Orientations take place at CERES, Brunswick East on:

  • 2nd Saturday of each month, 9am
  • 3rd Tuesday of each month, 5:30pm

We ask that you wear a mask in our dojo, if you are able to, to help protect members of our community who are vulnerable to Covid.

Please contact mzgpractice@gmail.com to book in for orientation.

  • It’s helpful for us to know at least two dates that will suit you.
  • Response times may vary (we are a completely volunteer run group).