Orientation Sessions

We offer free orientation sessions at our Brunswick East dojo for:

  • People interested in Zen practice (with or without prior meditation experience)
  • Zen practitioners who are new to our group

If you have no prior meditation experience, we’ll help get you started on your meditation journey. If you have meditation experience in a different tradition, we’ll introduce you to the shared ritual form that supports our group practice.

Orientation times

Orientation is available twice a month, immediately before our group meditation meetings. Bookings are essential. Please speak to one of the named contacts if you need to arrange an alternative time:

  • 1st Saturday of the month, 9am (contact Meg, sms only on 0400 606 276
  • 3rd Tuesday of the month, 5:30pm (contact Kirk, ph: 0425 754 057, email: kirk.fisher at bigpond.com)