Dokusan (teacher interview)

Dokusan is a private and confidential interview with a teacher about your Zen practice. It’s a unique opportunity to clarify, share, and develop your understanding of Zen.

Kirk Fisher, Apprentice Teacher in the Diamond Sangha, offers dokusan every few weeks as part of Melbourne Zen Group meditation meetings.

Members of the Public and Dokusan

If you’re not formally a member of Melbourne Zen Group, you’re welcome to attend dokusan a few times, as part of your initial exploration of zen practice. If, after after a period of around three months, you’d like to continue attending dokusan with Kirk, we ask you that you apply for Melbourne Zen Group membership, and contribute more fully to our practice community.

Upcoming Dokusan Dates

Tuesday 24 September
6:30pm – 8:30

Saturday 28 September
9am – 12:00

Preparation for Dokusan

It’s best to sit zazen for at least half an hour before going into dokusan. This will help you focus during your interview, both for your benefit, and the benefit of the teacher who is gifting you with their time. Continuing zazen after your interview will help you integrate your experience of dokusan back into your practice.


There’s no need to book for dokusan, however please plan to attend the entire meditation session at which dokusan is being offered. This ensures you’re present when dokusan procedure is explained. It also shows respect for your fellow sitters and confirms that your practice is not just for yourself, but for all beings.


Our suggested donation towards venue costs is $5 ($3 concession) per session, or a weekly contribution of $6 ($4 concession) if you attend two or more sessions a week.


Melbourne Zen Group dojo, Brunswick East