Sesshin & Workhops

Each year the Melbourne Zen Group organises two silent traditional seven-day residential Zen retreats known as sesshin, and at least two non-residential meditation-intensive weekends. 

Bookings usually open two months before the event. Members of the public can sign up to receive information about our retreats and workshops as it becomes available.

Upcoming Sesshin, Workshops & Teacher Events

Entering the Blaze – Autumn sesshin with Susan Murphy Roshi 

A Covid-safe online-offline sesshin with apprentice teacher Kirk Fisher assisting.
6:30pm Friday 21 May to 12pm Wednesday 26 May

Some words from Susan –

Silent sesshin with dear friends among the fiery falling leaves of Autumn is a rare, fruitful opportunity to recognise and confirm your immutable self-nature, right at the heart of this strange and disturbing time we’re in – of a dangerously warming planet and deeply subduing pandemic.  A time to let an old Zen saying re-ignite your bodhicitta with ‘A fire runs through all things.’  

That mysterious blaze is emptiness; impermanence; vast interconnectedness; the original fire of the universe and the life that it ignited. And it is this mortal human body; the passions, bodhicitta; interconnectedness.  It’s realization, the heart opening, and our companionship of the Way, a hearth-fire warming ourselves and all beings. 

This fire – it runs right through you.  Please join us in this deep time together, coming down to the most simple things, stripping away small concerns, growing quiet and still enough to begin to see directly into the fire of your own self-nature.  Entering the blaze.

Once more we’re obliged to make use of that strange gift of Covid: the home-based sesshin form that finds the temple of our practice right where we live, and opens up creative possibilities inside necessary restriction.  We’ll repeat the innovation that was so popular last time, of ‘ entering the blaze’ of several contemplative-creative activities in the afternoons, then sharing the fruits of that process on the final morning.

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