Dojo Roster

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  • Saturday and Tuesday are on different ‘tabs’.
  • The roster saves automatically.
  • You may need to scroll horizontally to see the ‘role’ description tabs.
  • The roster views best on a computer or tablet. If you’re using a mobile phone, the roster works best in the free ‘Google Sheet’ app.

Problems or feedback – email Shannon directly, or via

Practice Facilitators (PFs)

  • have general oversight of the dojo at group sits
  • offer orientations for newcomers
  • encourage and train sangha to take on dojo roles such as jiki and ino
  • facilitate dharma sharing.

The PFs meet every couple of months to discuss things like maintaining group form, dharma sharing themes, and scheduling zazenkai talks.

As of September 2022, the PFs are:

Peter W
Colin B
Kirk also participates in the pool as apprentice teacher.