Ino & Jiki Roster

New to the roster? Before you roster on for the first time, please:

Seana will give you an occasional nudge to commit to roster places, and will let you know if there are any changes to how the roster works.

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Ino & Jiki Instructions

Coming Soon – links to jiki cheat-sheet, sutras, and demos.

About the Ino & Jiki Roster

14 July 2021 — the roster is an experiment, to be reviewed towards mid September.

The Ino & Jiki Roster is intended to help sangha members who are new to these roles to commit to practising them at specific sits.

Learning and doing jiki and ino is a valuable way to:

  • support the group’s practice
  • expand your personal understanding of zen practice.

Rostered Practice Facilitators (see below for info about the PF role) will check the Ino & Jiki Roster before each sit. If no-one has rostered on for ino or jiki, the PF will work with the rostered Opener (again, see below) to make sure these dojo roles are covered for the sit.

Once you’re comfortable with doing one or both roles, you may be interested in broadening your commitment to the group’s practice by becoming an Opener & Closer.

Openers & Closers

Openers (at CERES) are formal members of the Melbourne Zen Group who roster on to:

  • open and set up the dojo
  • meet and greet (particularly when the PF is offering orientation)
  • help cover ino and jiki roles as needed.

Since March 2020, the Opener role has been more fluid – working with the PFs to adapt to online sitting and to Covid-safe practice at CERES.

On the rare occasions where there are no PFs available for a sit, an experienced Opener may be asked to take on the PF role for that sit.

Seana is the Opener & Closer coordinator.

If you’re interested in becoming an Opener, speak with Seana – or email

Practice Facilitators

Practice Facilitators (PFs):

  • have general oversight of the dojo for group sits
  • run orientations for newcomers
  • encourage and train sangha to take on dojo roles such as jiki and ino
  • facilitate dharma sharing.

The Practice Facilitator Pool meets every couple of months to discuss things like maintaining group form, dharma sharing themes, and scheduling zazenkai talks. Kirk attends PF meetings in his role as apprentice teacher.

PFs are nominated to the role by one of — the teachers (Subhana or Susan), the Committee, or the Practice Facilitator group. Nominees are usually long term members who have a depth of understanding of the Zen tradition in general, and of Melbourne Zen Group practice in particular. If all three groups (teachers, Committee, and PFs) agree to the nomination, and if the nominee agrees to take on the commitment, then the nominee is presented to the Sangha at an MZG General Meeting for confirmation as a new practice facilitator.

We reconfirm membership of the Practice Facilitator Pool at each AGM.

As of September 2020, the PFs are:

Peter W
Colin B