Metta Sutta

The Metta Sutta – also known as the Buddha’s Words on Loving Kindness – is an extract from Buddhist scripture that pre-dates Zen. Metta is one of the four Brahma Vihārās. In Theravada Buddhist teaching, Metta is also listed as one of 10 Pāramitās. At the Melbourne Zen Group, we sometimes chant the Metta Sutta at the start of group meditation.

Buddha’s words on loving kindness – Metta Sutta

The metta sutta: Buddhist teachings on love – Subhana Barzaghi Roshi – talk transcription – pdf

The Buddha’s words on loving kindness – Susan Murphy Roshi – audio recording – 16 min

Metta meditation practice – brief guidelines for traditional metta meditation practice – pdf

Kirk chanting the Metta Sutta – 4 min